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Long Puka Dress with Small Cowl Neck

 Wow Wow Wow!  This dress has been a knockout since the day it was released. Made of stretch rayon Lycra, this dress stretches perfectly in all of the right places and is super soft to the touch. This dress has a minimal cowl neck with a string tie behind the neck. It also features a slit at a perfect angle and hits just above the knee depending on your proportions. 

The dress was named after the Hawaiian word Puka which means a hole, gate, or doorway. We created this dress to have a large opening in the back to show off the lower back and thus named it the puka dress. 

I love seeing this dress on an array of body types! From large full-figured women to pregnant woman in full term, to thin small chested women. This dress will stretch where needed so I would recommend you go with one size smaller than you normally would in a dress or if you are on the fence go with the smaller size in general.

There is a thick strap on the back to hide a bra band so busty women can pull off this dress and still have support. It is very flattering in a range of sizes and body types. You can't go wrong with this dress. It is a showstopper. Available in a beautiful palette of colors and sizes.

We also offer this design in a top called the puka top if you would like to try out the design in a tank version before purchasing the dress.  


Something you may not have known about rayon! Rayon comes from a tree and is not synthetic as are most man-made materials. Rayon is a natural-based material that is made from the cellulose obtained from wood pulp or cotton. It was first created as a substitute for silk in the 1860's when the French silk industry was in crisis because of a disease affecting the silkworm. In 1885, the first successful method to make fiber from cellulose was patented. It also became a natural alternative to silk.  Similar to cotton, it is easy to care for. We use only the highest quality non pilling rayon which comes directly from a company that carries the best source of natural eco materials on the whole island of Bali. 

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