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About Us

Owner, Amy Van Dam

Nectar is a creation that has been underway for many years. In 1997 the creator of Nectar, Amy VanDam, began spending over half of every year abroad, playing, exploring, creating and falling in love with a culture far from her own. Within this new found love for Asia and beyond there became a need to create a business that would sustain her travels and life.

As an avid explorer, surfer, and yogini, there was a desire to create a practical, comfortable, everyday kind of clothing line which has blossomed into NECTAR ♥ Combining natural and eco-friendly fibers into something easily dressed up or down, NECTAR strives to provide the essentials! That favorite pair of gaucho pants that you can wear with almost anything or a simple, cute dress that becomes one of the only things you take with you on that surf trip to the tropics.

It's about comfort that is not only flattering but tastefully sexy and extremely practical. After all, how many articles of clothing do we really need as long as we have a few that make us feel really good when we wear them?

Nectar clothing is made with natural fibers, sewn professionally by the beautiful people of Bali, and created with your lifestyle in mind.

Manager of Nectar Creations Llc and Nectar California Llc.

His attention to detail and customer satisfaction comes from years of clothing retail management experience.

Vito was a stylist at Macy's mens department and has decades of experience at top stores in Manhattan, Santa Francisco, and Los Angeles. 

Vito Sherman

Nectar Creation Ambassador

She wore Nectar clothing for years before she became part of the Nectar team and is not only a joy to work with but you'll certainly feel loved up from head to toe if she is helping you find the perfect dress in one of our stores.

Sabrina's travels and explorations have led her to study traditional healing practices with shamans in the jungles of Laos, Thai massage in Chiang Mai Thailand, Lomi Lomi at Auntie Margaret Machado’s school, and Hawaiian plant medicine with Kumu Jeanella K. Keopuiwa on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  

The core of her work with women is to facilitate the fulfillment of their deepest desires and to help them have more love and pleasure in their lives. Check out Sabrina's work at if you don't have the chance of meeting her in one of the stores. 

Sabrina Mata