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Fissure 8 Koa Wood Watch Rose Gold/Lava Rock

The Fissure 8 Koa Wood watch was inspired by Pele's awesome display of power in the recent eruption on the Big Island. There's a great polarity between the complete devastation fissure 8 unleashed and the beauty and power of land being created before your eyes. The first hand experience is not something you can easily wrap your mind around nor soon forget. It's a visceral experience.

The Fissure 8's watch shape was inspired from drawings I did at the fissure. There's a cone shape that extends above the glass and slopes back down to the face. The shape is a reflection of the conical shape that was formed around the fissure from the spatter of lava. The watch color is pulled from the almost black color of the cooled lava and the golden colors of the hot flowing lava. The hands form a small volcanic cone structure in the center as well and red lava pours down the watch hands. The Koa face reminds me of the random patches of surrounded forest that survived in a sea of hardened black lava...a truly amazing sight.