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Long Cotton Stretch 63YV Hoodie

This long and stylish cotton/lycra hoodie keeps your core warm, while its fitted design keeps you looking good!  They say in alternative medicine that keeping your kidneys warm is essential to keeping your core warm and the length of this hoodie does just that.  It's perfect light layer and with the extra length you get a little boost of warmth.

I love wearing mine under another jacket as an extra layer or throwing it on after a yoga or work out class to cover my bum when I walk out of class or to run errands after class.

This hoodie features long flared sleeves and deep pockets, I personally have very long arms so I tend to design my line to compliment my long arms instead of being too short so anyone with long arms will surely appreciate this hoodie and all of my sleeved line.  Short armed people love this hoodie too so give it a try either way. 

Made from 93% Cotton/ 7% Lycra