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Cotton Stretch Emy Skirt or Dress

When I was in my 20's and travleing the world for at least 6 months of every year I wanted clothing that I could wear in any situation.  As my clothing line evolved and as I evolved I continued to create clothing that could be worn in multiple situations and in multiple ways.  I started calling my clothing convertible clothing as you could wear an item  as a long skirt and if it got too hot you could peel off the layers and pull the skirt up into a dress.

The Emy dress is a perfect example!  Made of high quality cotton lycra, this is a durable, long lasting, form fitting skirt that can be worn as a dress or a skirt.  I love wearing mine as a skirt with high boots and tights in the winter and wedges in the summer. The cut of it reminds me of a mermaid tail and looks beautiful on very curvy woman with large hips and bum as well as thin shaped woman.  

As a strapless dress you are sure to get attention. Its double gathered fabric at the top holds your breasts and bra perfectly in place and even gives a little extra form and size to your chest.  You won't believe how comfortable this piece is while being incredibly flattering!

The Cotton Stretch Emy Skirt features a ruched waist, A line bottom cut on a bias and hits just at the knee depending on your proportions. This skirt is convertible to a  strapless dress just by hiking it up. It is made of Cotton with a bit of Lycra for movability and that softness everyone wants and desires. It is very flattering as a skirt and a dress in a range of sizes and body types.  Available in a beautiful palette of colors and sizes.

Whether you want to wear this as both a skirt and a dress or only think you will wear it one way I guarantee you will love it! 

Made of high quality 92% cotton/ 8% Lycra.

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