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Halter Cowl Neck Bintang Lotus Dress

The Halter Cowl Neck Bintang Lotus Dress is a top seller. It features a simple fitted one piece design. This fabric has metallic gold ink silk screened on it to highlight this sacred geometry print. The halter style rests perfectly behind the neck and has an open back. It is made of Rayon with just a bit of Lycra for movability and that softness everyone wants and desires. It's available in a beautiful palette of colors and comes in two sizes. It is an easy dress to travel with and even wear with leggings or jeans. It can be pulled up higher over jeans to wear it as a top.

The word Bintang means star in Indonesian.  We named this the Bintang print because it looks like a system of stars together. We worked with a graphic designer to create and extend this geometric pattern. Sacred geometric patterns exist all around us – they are the perfect shapes and patterns that form the fundamental templates for life in the universe.

This Bintang dress is so versatile. They fold up so small and are one of our favorite dresses to wear and travel the world with. You can dress it up and wear it out to dinner, easily wear it to the beach over your bikini, or to a casual cocktail party.  It's so easy to dress up or down.

Tip: Pair this item with our 'Nectar Bralette' in any color to create a perfect look in the back as well as giving you bra support. It also comes in the exact same color of of the dresses.  You can also pair it with the 'Nectar Yoga Bra' in the Bintang print in the same exact color and print as the dress.  

Bintang Cream Gold
Bintang Dark Teal Gold
Bintang Lava Gold
Bintang Black Gold